Surrey National Charity Day website

Still here!

Despite not posting for several months, Fullscope is still busy… looking after existing clients with general support and generally snowed under with work at Surveylab.  There are a few projects in the pipeline to upgrade existing clients… just need to find more hours in the day.

Large upgrade for an American client is also eating up a lot of time… fingers crossed that launches end of Q1 2016.

2016 Surrey National Golf Charity Day website

I’ve managed to re-launch the golf charity day website for my golf club.  Old version had dragged on for 3 or 4 years but it needed freshening up, catch the eye and become responsive.

This was  a relatively quick overhaul and due to lack of time this was based on a set of core template files from which I could edit and apply with the day’s content.  Process was relatively smooth and I didnt have too much content to work with.  Pleased with the result – lets hope it helps promote the day.



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