Responsive Golf Swindle Website

Being a bit of a golf nut, I own and manage the website for my golf Swindle at Surrey National Golf Club.

The site is maturing well and appears to be well rated by Google.  Won’t compete with the clubs website as that is too well listed around the ‘net, but I’m on page2 of google for ‘golf swindle’ when searching in the UK.  Not bad, and I’m top with ‘surrey swindle’.  Not bad for no active SEO, just ensuring the site is setup properly and receptive to search engines.

Anyway, wasn’t too happy with the static grid layout of the last site version setup in November 2012 though it did appeal to some.  The traffic stats identified that 1/3 of visitors used tablets or phones so the decision was made to convert the site into a responsive framework.  Using an image of the Par3 third as a background, the site promotes the brand and news posts on the front page with all of the more static content nicely reacting to the viewport you are using.

Visit the Swashbucklers Golf website.

(At some point, Fullscope will receive the ‘responsive’ treatment…)



Example content page


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