Surrey National Charity Day website

Still here! Despite not posting for several months, Fullscope is still busy... looking after existing clients with general support and generally snowed under with work at Surveylab.  There are a few … [Read more...]

Kingsgate Marketing Responsive Landing page

Kingsgate Recruitment is shortly going to be launching a marketing division for their recruitment business in Kingston Upon Thames and Fullscope was recently tasked to generate a landing … [Read more...]

Website’s nearly ready – what are your final steps?

Working with a client this week, we were reviewing the existing website content and I put some notes down to help her take the final steps needed to launch the site. Prioritise what is needed to … [Read more...]

So what do YOU want? Prioritising [web] design decisions

More solid content from Six Revisions.  Alexander Dawson published a post drawing on Maslow's heirarchy of needs and applied the model to prioritisating of 'needs' in web design.  The diagram below is … [Read more...]

So, you want a website…?

I receive queries from people who have a website and would like it revamped, overhauled or just need to help sorting out a mess some website cowboy has gotten them into.  I hear tales of awful service … [Read more...]

How to Write an Amazing Article – Six Revisions

With so much information on the Internet, there are always a shortlist of sites that you find yourself returning to time and time again.  BBC News and BBC Sport are permanent bookmarks for me, and in … [Read more...]

Website Content: Don’t assume people read what you write

I've been meaning to write a quick blog post about email newsletters and website content.  The danger in crafting website content be it on pages, email newsletters and blog posts is simply assuming … [Read more...]