Drip, drip, drip

Trying to not get too disillusioned with the English summer weather! The only positive glimmer is that I haven’t taken any time off to suffer the damp weather. Still, not a great surprise these days.

Fullscope has been reasonably quiet in the past month, with most of my time being taken up with WordPress templates. The Fullscope website is up and running, though admittedly is far from finished in terms of overall look and feel. The most recent project has involved the Wandsworth LINk website.

Screenshot of the Wandsworth LINk website

Dan and I have worked with WordPress and a Remix2 theme, to skin and apply existing content to the full website for the organisation. Previously we had launched a site as a portal for ‘about’ and registration sign up. It certainly takes a lot of work, but we are pleased with how it has taken shape and look forward to developing the site as it moves forward.

More Fullscope projects are bubbling along, and August/September looks fruitful. Surveylab work has picked up and client work is starting to come through after the summer.

In terms of useful link’s I’ve found, I think the Positive Space Blog, provides a superb list of design related PDF’s. Afrison.com provides an interesting take on 404 error pages, refresh the page for some amusing images. The ever impressive Smashing Magazine is still a great resources for anything design related, recent posts include tips on optimising CCS and some great ideas floating about on futuristic interfaces.

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